Thursday, 14 March 2013

Google dropping the RSS ball?

Last Thursday I awoke to the news that Google had decided to retire its Google Reader service. News I was particularly surprised at.

Google have always struck me as a company that stood out from the rest, much the same as Apple have (or had depending on your point of view or OS allegiance). I've watched interviews with its founders, used their services for many years and have been very happy with what I would describe as a reasonably best case example of an integrated online toolbox that caters to the vast majority of daily user requirements.

They have undeniably, one of the best and most well respected search engines on the entire planet. They've also provide an extremely flexible and dependable email service with Gmail. Over recent years, they've also ventured into the social networking scene with Google+ which is a great example, in my humble opinion, of how to do social networking the right way.

Lets look at that last service a little more.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Custom jQuery events

I'd been working on some javascript elements recently when I realised I needed to create an interaction or call between two different scripts. These areas would potentially be absent and if present would need data pushed. After discounting some global variable registration ideas, I found that custom jQuery events would fit the bill perfectly.

The following is code for both the event declaration and the triggers.
// do this when triggered
$.bind('onMySelect', function(event, argData){

// the trigger
$.event.trigger('onMySelect', 'my test data');
One additional thing seems to be that, if the event declaration isn't present then it silently fails without errors (at least in Firefox my primary development browser of choice).