Thursday, 9 May 2013

Adobe kills Fireworks. Where do we go from here?

Its been a few days now since Adobe announced that they were stopping the Creative Suite and moving 100% to the Creative Cloud (essentially the Master Collection tied heavily to online components). While there are numerous views around the web on the benefits and drawbacks of this decision, one thing that is going to cause a larger gasp from the Adobe user base is the killing off of Fireworks.

Fireworks is the go-to application for quick and easy web graphics, and without it, users will find themselves with some significant hurdles ahead of themselves. Yes, there are some alternatives out there, but there will definitely be a steep learning curve now for the majority of Fireworks users irrespective of which path they now decide to take.

Adobe has justified this decision by claiming that numerous other applications from the Creative Suite (or Creative Cloud) already provide the same functionality that Fireworks does, and so it makes sense to move to those. While that might be true, what they don't say is that you will be required to potentially learn about 3+ additional applications, and that those applications will be chock full of functions that have nothing to do with the kind of simple web work that you will used to do.

I can't see Adobe reversing this decision, but both they and Adobe users should be aware of the implications. After all, we're still having to deal with the bad decisions Adobe have made on the other applications they aquired when they purchased Macromedia.

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